Additional Water Restriction: December 2019

Water Restrictions

  1. Water restrictions

Already imposed:

  • The connecting of a garden hose pipe or sprinkler system to the Municipal water supply, for gardening or any other purpose, is prohibited.

Additional restriction imposed:

  • The use of a bucket to collect water from the Municipal water supply for watering of gardens, washing of motor vehicles or boats, is also prohibited.
  1. Draught water usage tariff.

Will be implemented from January 2020 and will, therefore, reflect on your February account.

  1. Conserve water

We do not know how long this draught will last, so please let us work together and save water to avoid our water situation becoming a crisis as being experienced in Port Alfred where Day Zero has arrived!!

Please note: Port Alfred has been requested to limit water consumption to 50 litres per day per person – at this stage limited to Port Alfred only.


Issued by the Kleinemonde Resident & Ratepayers Association