Chairmans Report 2020

Chairmans Report 2020

Last year the chairman’s report started by quoting the saying: “Every dark cloud has a silver lining”. Looking back over the past year the Covid-19 pandemic caused the dark cloud to extend and keeping the silver lining a distant vision.

Please read the full report here!

Notice Refuse Site – May 27th

Notice Refuse Site – May 27th

The refuse site will re-open as from 1 June 2020.

A picture says a thousand words!

  • Please observe the conditions of use of the site and keep the site tidy
  • Remember : Illegal dumping is a punishable offense.

Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepayers Association

A Sight for Sore Eyes….

A Sight for Sore Eyes….

The Skips

Despite being warned that, according to the lockdown rules, travelling to the refuse site is not allowed, this is being ignored.

Despite the availability of skips (1 Empty, 2 half full, two full) bags with refuse are just being dumped next to skips on the ground.

Looking at the contents in some of the skips (e.g. old geyser, etc) it is clear that the signboard at the entrance, indicating what is allowed and what not allowed on site, is being totally ignored.

In March 2020 the skips were overflowing and could not be emptied as both Municipal skip trucks were out of service. Eventually due to the smell and infestation of flies on the rotting garbage, R2 500 was paid out of Association’s funds, to have the skips cleared.

With the Municipality, working at reduced capacity due to the lockdown, it is not known when the skips will be cleared again. Unfortunately, when the skips are replaced by empty ones, the mess on the ground is not taken away by the skip truck and then becomes our problem.

Garden waste

Thank you to those using the demarcated area for their garden waste and adhering to the sign requesting all bags to be emptied and not to leave plastic bags.

Unfortunately there will always be the few that ignore the notice.

Please obey the signage and empty your bags containing garden waste and deposit ONLY garden waste – no other items.

The reason for the above request is that when doing a control burn, any plastic or material between the garden refuse, does not burn spontaneously and smolders giving off toxic fumes and a smell that can linger for a few days.

Please note: As we have an agreement to manage the refuse site, we have been issued with a permit to travel and visit the site.

Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepayers Association

Kleinemonde: Lockdown

Kleinemonde: Lockdown

Despite our small community and remoteness, we are also in lockdown and nobody will be allowed to leave their homes for the next 21 days unless  to:

  • Seek medical care;
  • Buy essential groceries;
  • Visit the pharmacy;
  • Access banking services;
  • Get petrol; or
  • Collect a social grant

Those found breaking the lockdown rules are liable to 6 months imprisonment or a fine or both.

Household refuse will be collected as usual on a Monday

Due to the restrictions on movement, our refuse site will, therefore, be closed.

Please note our refuse site supervisor will not be on duty during the lockdown period and we appeal to residents not to use the refuse site over the lockdown period which, in any case, will be a contravention of the rules regarding travelling. 

Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepayers Association

Drought water tariff: To pay or not to pay….?

Drought water tariff: To pay or not to pay….?

Drought water tariff: To pay or not to pay . . . . . . .?

A question is being asked – “Why should Kleinemonde residents have to pay an increased drought water tariff as we apparently do not have a water problem?”.

 – But is this true? How much water do we really have?

Going back in history, during 2008 the level of Wellington dam, which at that stage, was our main source of water, dropped to such a low level that Ndlambe Council imposed strict water restrictions in Kleinemonde.

This prompted the committee to actively investigate an additional water source for Kleinemonde resulting in an agreement signed in 2011 for water to be extracted from a high yielding borehole on Frik van Rooyen’s farm.

The present situation:

  • Wellington dam approximately 80 % full – but remember the level in 2008 when water restrictions had to be imposed!!
  • Wellington dam/Water treatment works (WTW)


  • The Telemetry system not operational – it can be operated manually with a yield of only approximately 2 litre/sec. – insufficient to supply Kleinemonde.
  • When water from the WTW is used, due to reverse flowing of water in the main pipeline between the Island and the reservoir, dirty water is experienced by residents on the Island.
  •  Due to the dirty water problem, this source is only used when absolutely necessary to top-up the reservoir.

To resolve the dirty water problem will require a second pipeline from the reservoir to the Island for which there is presently no money available.

  • Boreholes – Presently our main source is delivering enough to cope with the present demand.

How much water do we have? Not knowing how long the drought is going to last – how much water do we have? The answer is we do not know!

With Wellington dam – not our main source – you can see the level but what happens underground in our boreholes is unknown and we have no control over how long it will last.

With the uncertainty of the sustainability of our own water supply, it is essential that we, as a community, exercise stringent controls of our municipal water usage.

Therefore to conserve water by means of:

  • Water restrictions; and
  • Imposing drought water tariffs;

 to protect our limited and dwindling water resources to prevent a “Day-zero-situation” in Kleinemonde is in our own interest.

Rather save now while there is still something to save than wait for a “Day-zero- situation” when there is nothing left to save!!

The drought tariff

It is our understanding that this tariff will be imposed as from January and will therefore be reflected on your February account, but will have clarity on this next week.

All ratepayers in Ndlambe are on one data base – there is no separate data base for e.g. Kleinemonde, Cannon Rocks, Boknes to allow a different tariff to be used for different areas.

Incidentally, Cannon Rocks and Boknes are in even a better situation regarding water than Kleinemonde with a secure source – the sea – feeding a desalination plant.

Thank you for your understanding.

Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepayers Association



Annual subs of R100 now due!
(See full details in ‘Reminders above!’)