Chairman’s Report 2021

Although we, due to Covid lockdown regulations, did not have an AGM at the end of 2020, the committee did carry on functioning as usual since the first lockdown regulations were imposed in March 2020.

Over the past two years 7 Newsletters and 25 notices, informing members of specific issues, were sent out to keep everyone informed on what’s happening in Kleinemonde.

Delivery of services

The services we pay for: refuse removal, water and sanitation were done satisfactorily, despite lockdown regulations.  Although there had been, as far as the honey sucker is concerned, some complaints of a delay in responding to a call-out.

Over the lockdown period municipal workers were working with skeleton staff – only half the staff compliment on duty and sometimes even reduced hours, which did affect maintenance issues like pothole filling, public open space grass cutting, etc.

At present, apart from our normal municipal staff compliment, there are 7 casuals to assist in attending to the backlog.


Securing a reliable water supply remains, probably, our biggest focus.

The water pressure problem at the top of Island North and the measure to address it was extensively covered in our June 2021 newsletter. Unfortunately, the process has now become bogged down in obtaining permission required to attach a second pipe to the East River bridge.

In the meantime, when needed, water pressure can be manually boosted with the pumps at the filtration plant.

At the water treatment plant all the sand in the sand filters has been replaced and, after an investigation by the company Aqua Agri Solutions, a new type of chemical for clarifying the water was introduced.

After many years of requesting it, there is now a process controller on duty daily at the filtration plant, whose function is to monitor the functioning of the plant, hourly monitor the water turbidity and if necessary, adjust chemical flow to obtain the required turbidity.


In our February 2021 newsletter we reported on discussions we had with the company Altins Recycling in Port Alfred to start a recycling project in Kleinemonde.

The company would have, at their cost, supplied a walk-in unit containing 5 bulk bags for re-cyclable items to be placed in. Unfortunately, this has not materialised.

Recycling remains on our bucket list to focus on next year.

Thoughts and suggestion from your side would be appreciated.

The Kleinemonde Ratepayers & Residents Association – Objectives

According to our constitution our objective is to engage with the municipality in submitting proposals or suggestions to improve services and to improve Kleinemonde.

I mention the above, because the committee is often approached to resolve issues between residents where municipal bylaws are infringed. Although we would assist where possible with advice, the association has no authority to enforce any municipal bylaws.

But every resident has the right to lodge a complaint, using the available complaint form, for the municipal law enforcement officers to investigate and issue warnings or fines – please make use of this right you have.   

We often receive complaints e.g. dogs not on a leash, illegal dumping, etc.  I do believe all residents have the responsibility to, in a friendly and good neighbourly way, approach the offender and point out his mistake, thus helping in keeping Kleinemonde: Our home, neat and a pleasure to live in, and importantly, if we all assist in “policing” we breed a culture of obeying municipal bylaws.

The refuse site

This has been successfully managed by the Association since October 2018. The contract has now been extended until June 2022.

Dune invasion: Island parking area

After the request to have sand removed as part of an emergency works program was turned down by Dept. Environmental Affairs, a 79-page Environmental Management report:  KLEINEMONDE PARKING LOT SAND REMOVAL AND ABLUTION REPAIRS, was prepared by Ndlambe’s Environmental Control Officer and submitted to Dept. Environmental Affairs for approval.

We are very fortunate that despite similar sand invasion problems in other areas in Ndlambe, the Kleinemonde submission, mentioned above, was the first – and at present – the only one to be submitted for approval.

Road safety

The speed limit restriction of 40 kph is now applicable to all Kleinemonde areas. You will notice additional signs the Association erected at the three entrances to remind motorists of pedestrians, children, joggers, and bicyclists, all using the same road.


Thanks to the efforts of security clusters and financial support from residents, we have managed to keep our area relatively crime free.  We encourage residents to be especially vigilant over the festive season and to lock up and set their alarms.

Fire safety

House fires start small, and the speed to respond is essential.  As a result, the association has purchased 7 x 9 kg fire extinguishers which will be distributed to the three security cluster areas: Kleinemonde East, Island, Island North and one to Multi Security.

A notice has been sent out with telephone numbers of those who had been issued with a fire extinguisher and who you may contact.

In closing:

  • Please be reminded, water restrictions are still in place.

Use of a garden hose pipe, sprayer, pressure sprayer connected to the Municipal water supply, are prohibited. Only a bucket is allowed to use water from the municipal supply for the garden or wash motor vehicles, etc.

  • It is pleasing to note the increase of new members who have joined the Association and the encouragement received from many for the work done by the committee.
  • Big thank you to the committee for what you are doing in keeping Kleinemonde a place of choice to live in.
  • Big thank you to our municipal foreman, Welcome, and his loyal staff for always being willing to help and go the extra mile.
  • May you all have a wonderful, blessed Xmas and a Covid free and prosperous 2022.

Chris Bezuidenhout

Chairperson: Kleinemonde Ratepayers & Residents Association