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False Alarms Are Inconsiderate

on 24/04/2012 at 9:20 AM Posted In: Security

  • Tips False alarms are inconsiderate and irresponsible as false alarms are risks for both our employees as well as our clients.
  • 99% of all alarm activation’s are false alarms, tying up valued time of our Response Officers and negatively affecting service levels to customers in life threatening situations.
  • False alarms also drive up the cost of the service provider, resulting in higher than inflation increases for the entire customer base.

In an effort to reduce excessive alarms, we have implemented a system which will enable us to monitor excessive alarms and will allow us to charge individuals for excessive alarms.

False alarms:

  • Contact our Control Centre if you accidently set off your alarm.
  • Do not leave pets inside protected areas unless you have pet friendly sensors
  • Close all windows and doors before arming your alarm.
  • Contact the Control Centre before testing your alarm.
  • Owners please to request key holders to advise our Control Centre before they enter holiday premises – a lot of time and money is wasted trying to establish who has entered.
  • Do not obstruct or plant trees close to outdoor beams
  • Should you have outdoor beams make arrangements with Garden Services, Pool Companies, Maintenance Companies, etc to disarm and arm your alarm when they are on site.