Having a problem?

It has come to the committees’ notice that residents, when experiencing a problem regarding municipal services in Kleinemonde, contact our Municipal Foreman (Welcome), directly.

This procedure, of directly contacting our Foreman, if done un-coordinated, could lead to confusion and the problem not being resolved correctly.

Importantly the committee is not aware of such a problem and can, therefore, not ensure the problem is being addressed.

  • We request, therefore, in future, if you have a municipal related problem regarding services in Kleinemonde please report it by either:
    Visiting our website www.kleinemonderatepayers.co.za, click on “CONTACT US” and fill in the contact form to report the problem being experienced. You can also contact us on e-mail at info@kleinemonderatepayers.co.za. The above methods of reporting are preferable as there will be a paper trail to follow-up on.


  • Contact one of the committee members:
    Chris Bezuidenhout (Chairperson): 082 313 0773
    Brain Knight :082 440 20665
    Rod Petzer :079 373 7864
    Frik van Rooyen :082 900 3516
    Richard Dyer :083 289 0292Marie Pelser :083 340 0349

Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents &Ratepayers Association: August 2018