Refuse Site – The way forward!

The control burn which started on 5 April 2018 was completed on Friday, 13 April 2018.

A big thank you to Frik and Vaughn for a difficult task well done!

A picture speaks a thousand words –


You have previously been advised that our refuse site will become a transfer site where only household refuse would be stored in skips for removal by the Municipality. By implication all other refuse – garden, builders’ rubble, scrap metal etc., – will be your responsibility to transport it to the Port Alfred landfill site.

The experience in other areas where refuse sites have been closed was a sharp increase in illegal dumping on vacant stands.

To address this problem the committee will be submitting a proposal to the Municipality to give us (the committee) permission to manage the site ourselves and to allow the site to be used for certain types of refuse to be deposited there.

The following will be proposed:

  • The Municipality pay the committee a monthly fee for managing the site;
  • .The committee appoint and pay the salary of a site manager;
  • The site manager be given the delegated authority to give instructions to users;
  • The committee to erect a hut for the site manager to use;
  • Only 1 ton bakkies, vehicles and/or trailers be allowed to deposit refuse at the site – no 5 ton trucks;
  • Only garden refuse and building rubble will be allowed;
  • Garden refuse be cleared when necessary by means of a control burn.

If there are any suggestions/comments regarding the above please contact us at:

In the meantime, while awaiting response from the Municipality on our proposal, a reminder to please dump all garden refuse in the cleared area on the left entering the refuse site and PLEASE:

  • PLEASE empty plastic bags containing garden refuse –

do not leave bags filled with garden refuse

Issued by the Kleinemonde Ratepayers & Residents Assoc.