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Kleinemonde News November 2015


Our refuse site is again reaching saturation point especially with garden refuse.

Rubbish1 Rubbish2

Unfortunately plastic bags, containing household refuse, are being dumped in amongst the garden refuse.

Invariably, at one or other stage, the garden refuse is set alight. This matter has again been taken up with the Municipality as such a fire is very dangerous, especially when fuelled by a strong wind. Whoever starts the fire could never be determined. It is not being suggested that the Municipality is responsible for igniting the fire, but the fact remains that it happens every time the refuse site becomes overfull.

Due to the plastic and other non-garden refuse inter-mixed with garden refuse, the burning causes unhealthy noxious gasses to be released. The gas released and the smouldering of the green garden refuse, envelope the area for days causing extreme discomfort to the nearby residents.

At present there is a problem with too few skips available. We usually have at least three, but presently there is only one or two at our site. The lack of skips is a problem thought-out Ndlambe due to a number of skips being out of commission because of the bottom sections rusted through and are being repaired.

An urgent appeal – if you do deposit refuse at the site, place all non-garden refuse on the right hand side of where garden refuse is dumped.


Unfortunately due to various reasons, this has not taken off as we had envisaged.

However, there is good news which will see this effort getting off the ground soon.

We have been advised by Independent Waste and Recycling Services (IWARS), the company appointed by Ndlambe Municipality to manage recycling in Ndlambe, that we will be receiving a 6m X 2.4m container that will house an office, a toilet and waste storage area with a scale.

According to IWARS the tender for the container was finalised and the successful bidder informed. This will solve one of the problems, nl. where to store the items which have been separated on site into the different bulk bags before being transported to the Port Alfred Recycling plant. With no storage facility these bulk bags could be “stolen” and exchanged for cash in Port Alfred!

So please, carry on using your clear plastic bags for all recyclable items.

News flashes!!


Due to R72 upgrade, the existing borehole pipeline from approximately the Shaw Park turn-off to Kleinemonde, which was in the road reserve (inland side of the R72) had to be re-laid to the seaward side of the R72.

Despite short notice from the contractors that the pipeline needed to be moved, ordering of the plastic pipe and fittings and the laying of it was done in record time – thanks to Welcome and his team. Also to Frik van Rooyen for allowing the pipeline to be laid on his farm.

Municipal finances.

Outstanding debt increased from R99m (July 2015) to R103m (August 2015).

A Debt collecting company, REVCO, was appointed by the Municipality to assist with debt collection in July 2015 so it is expected that the outstanding debt should now start to decrease.

Zero tolerance is being shown by this company – so make sure you are not at fault !

Local News

Local municipal worker Welcome, well known to all of us in Kleinemonde, has been appointed foreman replacing Gavin Hilpert who resigned.

Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepeyers Assoc.