Ndlambe Municipality: Draft Budget 2021/2022

Ndlambe Municipality: Draft Budget 2021/2022

The Ndlambe Municipality’s draft budget has been published and is open for public comment.

The proposed tariff increases are 5,5 % on all services provided by the municipality, including:

  • Rates
  • Water
  • Sanitation
  • Refuse

For several years, to keep rates increases affordable, it resulted in either no or at best, limited internal funds for capital projects. Capital projects, therefore, relied on the Municipal Infrastructural Grant, which could only be used in previously disadvantaged areas.

This lack of internal funds for capital projects impacted, amongst others, on road maintenance as per Auditor-General instructions. Road maintenance, e.g., slurry sealing, had to be funded out of the capital budget not the maintenance budget.

Therefore, it is pleasing to note that in the draft 2021/22 budget that, with a 5,5% rates increase, provision has been made for internal capital budget of R18m.

Refuse removal.

It is still noticed that some residents’, after trimming trees, leave the branches on the side-walk for the Municipality to pick-up. The municipality are only obliged to collect two bags of garden refuse – for anything more, the owner must make own provision for removal. The Municipality will remove additional garden refuse at a cost of R375.83 (Vat incl.) per load. This amount can be paid at the municipal office in Campbell street and the receipt handed to our local municipal foreman.

Due to the restrictions in place on what can be deposited at our refuse site, the municipality can basically only remove garden refuse – no other material e.g., building material, timber etc.

Water tariff

According to the draft budget the drought consumption tariff has been adjusted to the following ranges:

0 – 6 Kl:            R24,72 (Vat incl.) (Normal consumption rate R15,91)

7 – 9 Kl:            R27,97 (Vat incl.)

10-12 Kl:           R31,88 (Vat incl.)

13 +   Kl:            R38,25 (Vat incl.)

Last year we objected when the drought consumption tariff in the 0–6 kl range was higher than the normal tariff, resulting in August 2020 Council approving that the 0-6 Kl range should be at the normal consumption rate.

We notice, however, in the draft budget, that the drought consumption in the 0-6 kl range is R24,72 which is higher than the normal consumption tariff of R15,91, to which we have already  objected, as it is not in line with the Council resolution passed in August 2020.

Rate rebate

For retired and disabled owners on a residential property with a rateable value of less than R1,1 m, there is a rebate depending on monthly income:

Income up to R4 300 per month:                                 45%

Income between R4 301 and R5 700 per month:           35%

Income between R5 701 and R7 000 per month:           25%

Issued by the Kleinemonde Ratepayers & Residents Association

-Working for the benefit of everyone!!