The big clean-up has begun!!!

The big clean-up has begun!!

In preparation for our refuse site becoming only a transfer site, the site must be cleared of the mountain of garden refuse and rubble, which includes household refuse which was indiscriminately dumped by residents amongst the garden refuse.

A controlled burn was considered but due to all the plastic and sagex packing material amongst the garden refuse, burning would have resulted in unacceptable and noxious smell emanating from there, which, considering the close proximity of residents, we could not accept.

A contractor has now been contracted to remove all the refuse to the Port Alfred landfill site.

Once the refuse site has been cleared a gate will be installed at the entrance (next to the Police station) to control access.

The refuse site will be manned during normal working hours to ensure that:

  • Only household refuse is deposited into the skips;
  • No other refuse is deposited there.

A sign will be erected at the gated entrance with the times when the gate will be open and the site manned – outside of these times the gate will be locked.

As indicated in our newsletter dated May 2016, only two black bags of garden refuse can be deposited at the refuse site into the skips – either by yourself or as part of the municipal household collection routine.

As mentioned in the May newsletter, the committee will investigate the possibility of purchasing a chipper. A chipper capable of chipping 125 mm diameter material cost R70 000 ex VAT. Providing that the material being chipped is green, blades last approximately 3-4 days before it need to be re-sharpened and need to be replaced after approximately 5-6 re-sharpenings at R2 300 per set.

The cost of a labourer, fuel and maintenance of the chipper is additional to the above.

The Ndlambe municipality’s capital budget for the purchasing of plant/machinery is limited, but we are in discussion with them to purchase one for Kleinemonde –

“Watch this space!!”

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Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents and Ratepayers Association.
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