Newsletter April 2020

In lockdown !

Despite the lockdown Kleinemonde is still functioning. Refuse is being collected, as usual, and urgent matters, like water problems, are being attended to by our Foreman and a skeleton staff compliment of two workers. Obviously normal routine work like cutting of grass, etc. will not be done.

The unfinished work in Diaz Road.

If you have any problems regarding municipal services in Kleinemonde please contact one the committee members who will investigate and, if necessary, contact our Foreman, Welcome:

  • Rod Petzer                079 373 7864
  • Marie Pelser              083 340 0349
  • Richard Dyer             083 280 0292
  • Gene Pancoust           084 567 1773
  • Gary Pagel                 082 990 2381
  • Chris Bezuidenhout (Chairperson) 082 313 0773

The refuse site

You were advised in our notice regarding the lockdown, sent out on 26 March 2020, that due to the restrictions on movement our refuse site, for all intent and purpose, will be closed.

The Chairperson of the Community Police Forum met with the local Station Commander who re-affirmed that under the lockdown rules regarding travelling, a visit to the refuse site is not allowed.

Therefore the refuse site remains closed.

The year ahead ……… or what’s left of it

The Committee will again focus on the following issues which have been on our bucket list for some time:

  • The Wellington dam/Water treatment plant/Reservoir telemetry system.
  • Boreholes supply – Automate the switching on/off of the pumps.
  • Proper toilets at the East river picnic area.

 Sand/Dune invasion

Just to re-cap: Ndlambe Local Municipality has appointed Aurecon South Africa (Pty) Ltd to compile an Environmental Maintenance Management Plan (MMP) for management of sand/dune invasion threatening existing infrastructure along the municipality’s coastal area including Kleinemonde, specifically the area between the East and West rivers viz. ablution block, parking area, adjacent residential properties.

Beginning of March 2020 we were informed that the report was finalised and submitted to the Department of Environmental Affairs 24 January 2020. The Department has 107 days to respond and a ruling is expected mid May 2020.

Life in our village @ lockdown

Beautiful beach, lovely weather, but not a sole in sight –

Everyone adhering to Lockdown Rules….

Congratulations Kleinemonders!!

A few comments on how the locals are coping :

. . . Lockdown was fine, we have managed to keep busy – but the real problem was finding where we hid last year’s Easter eggs!!

 . . . Corona virus put me back on my feet – got to cut my own patch of lawn again!

. . . What keeps me sane is my walking 50 times around my house each morning at 06h15 to keep fit. 

. . . and from the pen of Jenni Macleod:

If you live in Kleinemonde, one thing is for sure
We love to socialise and always want more.
But Covid 19 has raised it’s ugly head
And we’ve all been confined to our homes instead.
No long walks on our lovely beaches, or leisurely cruises
On barges with boozers.

Infrequent shopping is the best we can do.
When we bump into friends, we don’t know who’s who!
Masks cover our faces, no friendly grins
As we hunt for toilet paper, singles or twins.

Remember your friends who are all alone
Although we can’t visit, just pick up that phone.
We can Netflix, do puzzles, clean cupboards or talk
Just don’t even think of taking Fifi for a walk.

Our children phone to check that we’re home
The tables are turned, now they’re afraid we will roam.
Running out of stock of wine or beer
Has got a few of us trembling with fear.

What a party we’ll have when we’re free again –
What a year this month has been, but we’ll smile through the pain.

Working for you

The Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepayers Association (KRRA) is committed to improving Kleinemonde for the benefit of everyone – not only its members. (Refer back to “Year ahead “).

With municipalities increasingly facing budgetary constraints, it is clear that communities, in years to come, will have to start delving into their own pockets to fund projects. This will require all of us to join and strengthen our local Association.  

If you are not a member yet, please join – membership fee is only R100 per family per annum.

Existing members: Your subscriptions are now due – To those who have already paid, THANK YOU!!


Membership fees can be paid by EFT     

            Bank:                         Absa Port Alfred

            Account :                  Kleinemonde R&R Association

            Type:                         Active Savings

            Branch code:          632005

            Account Number: 9281971221

Or pay with Althea

Remember to give your name as reference number when doing an EFT.


  Contact  us at

  Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepayers Association