Newsletter August 2018

The refuse site

As reported previously our refuse site, being only a transfer site, implies that only household refuse, in black bags, may be deposited there, in the skips provided.

In areas e.g. Kenton-on–Sea, where the refuse site was closed lead to an alarming increase in illegal dumping of waste.

Driving around Kleinemonde it is disturbing to notice illegal dumping already taking place – and it can be expected that illegal dumping will increase when the rules governing a transfer site is applied.

To counter the anticipated increase of illegal dumping the committee approached the Municipality to permit –

  • Garden refuse to be deposited there; and
  • The committee to manage the site.

The municipality drafted a service level agreement with conditions set out to manage the site and is being studied by the committee before signing.

Our  committee’s responsibility will be to –

  • appointment and the payment of an Overseer to direct-users of the Kleinemonde Transfere site and to keep the site clean and tidy at all times;
  • erect a suitable hut for the Overseer to use;
  • manage the garden refuse on the site in line with relevant environmental legislation and Municipal By-Laws;
  • if necessary, erect fences to demarcate areas where garden refuse, glass bottles, etc. must be placed; and
  • if so wish, establish a recycling program in order to separate on-site recyclable items into a skip for glass items, separate bulk bags for paper, cardboard and plastic bottles.

As part of such an agreement the municipality will reimburse the Association with R15 000 per month.

Stipulated in the draft Service Level Agreement are the following conditions which will apply on the use of the Kleinemonde Transfer site:


  • Materials including, but not limited to, eg. PVC products, packaging material, timber products
  • Scrap metal (old fridges, TV sets, etc)
  • Tyres
  • Building materials – concrete, tiles, flooring/roofing material etc.
  • No trucks larger than 1 ton are allowed on site
  • No contractors
  • Animal carcasses


  • Household refuse, garden refuse, glass bottles / items
  • Recyclable items in clear plastic bags
  • Only 1 ton bakkie / vehicle and or trailer to deposit above items.

It will be the responsibility of each resident to remove all rubble not stipulated as “ALLOWED ON SITE”, to a registered landfill site within Ndlambe Municipal District.

House hold refuse

The Municipality has purchased a new compactor which will be delivered in August 2018. During discussion with the Director Community Services, responsible for refuse collection, it is envisaged that this compactor will, once a week, drive around Kleinemonde and directly load the refuse bags, containing household refuse, into the compactor and be taken directly to the Port Alfred landfill site.

The use of a compactor will resolve one of our big issues at the refuse site, namely the lack of sufficient skips, resulting in household refuse being dumped on the ground and sometimes being left for weeks before being removed.

Certain roads in Kleinemonde, e.g. cul-de-sacs, where road space is not enough for the compactor to operate, household refuse would still need to be collected by the tractor/trailer.

Dias Road

At long last another “To-do” is being ticked off out list. The Municipality via the Dept. of Public Works’ Extended Public Works Program received funding which Council gratefully decided could be used to pave the remainder of Dias Road.

Work has already started and it can be expected that residents along this section of road will experience some inconvenience during the road building phase – but please bear with it and weight it up against the long term benefits!

Municipal budget 2018/2019

The budget was approved with the following increases:

  • Rate 9%
  • Sanitation 5,5%
  • Water 9%
  • Refuse collection 5,5%

The residential rates rebate – percentage (at present 14%) of your properties municipal valuation – reduced to 12 %.

The Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum (NRF), consisting of the chairpersons of the ratepayers associations of Port Alfred, Kenton-on-Sea, Bushmans River, Boknes and Cannon Rocks, had numerous meetings with municipal officials regarding the budget objecting to the rates increase, which was again above Treasury guidelines, but to no avail.

The full text of the NRF’s response on the budget and related financial issues are on our webpage

NRF_Comments_Approved_2018_2019 budget


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