Newsletter February 2021

Kleinemonde Newsletter                                February  2021

Whatever the origin might be of the saying “May you live in interesting times“, certainly the past year with the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on our country, we find ourselves living in interesting and uncertain times.

Refuse collection – December holiday period

The December holiday period is known for the large increase in the volume of household refuse that need to be collected.

Apart from Kleinemonde proper, Kleinemonde West and Riet River, all make use of our refuse site.

For the first time the annual problem over December of household refuse accumulating on the ground due to insufficient skips and taking weeks to clear causing an infestation of flies, did not happen!

Although, at best, we only had four skips available over this period, the Manager: Environmental Health, all the staff responsible for delivering the refuse collection service, including our own Municipal team lead by foreman Welcome, are to be commended for the way in which the service was rendered over this difficult period with the limited resources available.

A “thank you” letter in this regard was sent to the Municipal Manager and responsible director.

As we are responsible for opening the site after hours, we are aware that late nights were worked, on Monday and Thursday evenings (the collection days during December holiday), to clear full skips.


It is generally accepted that more than 50 % of household refuse can be re-cycled. Some interesting facts regarding re-cycling:

  • Paper: If all household paper/cardboard were recycled 750 000 cubic metres of landfill space would be saved per year, saving local authorities R60-million a year in collection and landfill costs.  (Source: Paper Recycling Association of SA)
  • Glass: The energy saved from recycling just one bottle will power a 100-watt light bulb for almost an hour. (Source: The Glass Recycling Company).
  • Cans: More than 36 000 tons of high-grade steel is recovered for re-smelting per year. (Source: Collect-a-Can).

We are in discussion with Altins Recycling in Port Alfred to start a recycling project in Kleinemonde.

The company will, at their cost, supply a walk-in unit containing 5 bulk bags. One each for glass, paper/cardboard, cans, plastic bottles and one for unsorted items. The unit will have a roof and a main entrance door to enter and gain access to the bulk bags. Each bulk bag will have its own support to keep it upright and in position. As required the company will regularly replace the bulk bags with empty ones.

Once the unit has been built the committee will inspect it to determine its suitability and where to place it in the village as a central collection point.

At this stage it is envisaged that the onus will be on a resident to deposit his re-cyclable items into the bulk bag at the collection point.

The company also indicated their willingness to collect electronic items, old washing machines, fridges etc. from your house.


Sand/Dune Invasion

For background information please refer to our notice “Update: Sand/Dune Invasion problems” sent 24 October 2020. – available on our website: – Under Ratepayers click Notices.

At a meeting with the Director Community Protection Services held 3 February 2021 we were informed of the next steps:

  1. According to the Authorization given, an Environmental Control Officer must be appointed before any further action can be implemented.
  2. The ablution block and parking area. As similar problems exist in other areas threatening municipal property, the Municipality will seek a blanket approval to remove the sand and in Kleinemonde’s case, also restore the ablution block to proper working condition. While awaiting the blanket approval, the Municipality will investigate the possibility to, through the “Working-for-Coast” project, have the first access road cleared by means of a team of workers using hand tools.
  3. The next step will be removal of the dune between the parking area and the East river which will require a further approval from the Department Environmental Affairs (DEDEAT) on submission of a relevant method statements, environmental specifications, and layout plans.

Extract: Kleinemonde Community Police Forum Newsletter January 2021

It was a very good festival season, and we want to thank the law-abiding citizens.  Unfortunately, there is always a few who prefer to ignore by-laws. There was only one reported break-in at a house in East Kleinemonde over the festive season.


As a result of numerous accidents on the R72 in the vicinity of Kleinemonde, a representative from Sanral has been consulted and will be looking at ways to help improve the safety on this stretch of road.

Live footage of the installed cameras in Kleinemonde is available at Multi Security offices. If footage history is required, due to the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) act, information cannot be given to any private individual.  This is only available through the Multi Security office in Port Alfred only once a case with the police has been opened.

Annual subscription.

Thanks to those who have renewed their R100 per family annual subscription.
Unfortunately, not having an AGM there is still a large number who have, to date, not renewed.
Payment via ETF or with Althea at 20 Dias Rd.

Account name:   Kleinemonde R&R Association
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Account No:      9281971221

PLEASE remember to your name as reference when doing an EFT.

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