Newsletter June 2017

Kleinemonde Newsletter             July 2017

Bridge over troubled water . . . . . .

View towards the entrance to Kleinemonde

At the meeting held on Thursday, 29 June 2017, regarding the upgrade of the R72, especially the bridges across the Kleinemonde rivers, the following:
– The existing bridges will not be re-built or widened. The structures will remain as it is at present.
– The R72 will be appreciably widened – at a normal section the road will be 3.7 m wide in each direction with a 3m road reserve on each side. At an uphill the 3 m road reserve will decrease to allow for a passing lane on the uphill.
– New section on the right. Old section on the left to be ripped and re-built.
– Proper turn-off lanes will be provided at the entrance to Kleinemonde, Island and Fletcher roads.
– There will be foot path on the left hand side of the road – facing Port Alfred – from approximately the entrance to Kleinemonde across the bridge to Island Road.
– Taxi bays will be provided at the Kleinemonde entrance as well as Island/Fletcher Road intersection.
– To join the widened R72 to the existing bridges, as well as allowing for the re-surfacing of the bridge surfaces, a traffic light system will be required to control the traffic as one lane of a bridge will be closed at a time.
– The traffic lights will operate 24/7 starting from around the 12 July 2017 until December 2017. The lights will be manually controlled with one set just past the entrance to Kleinemonde and the other on top of the hill overlooking Kleinemonde Westriver. Flag-wavers will be placed at the entrance to Island/Fletcher Road to co-ordinate entry into the R72.
– The contractors are bound by environmental constraints to ensure that no rubble will be allowed to ingress into the rivers whilst working on the bridges.
– The contractors undertook to clear all vegetation blocking the culverts which were placed to assist in the drainage of the rivers.

Back at the ranch . . . . . . .

Last year the committee reported to the Municipality that the brackets and pipe feeding water to the reservoir and the Island is badly rusted underneath the bridge crossing the Kleinemonde East river. We have now been advised that SANRAL will be replacing these brackets at their cost while working on the bridge as part of the R72 upgrade.
The telemetry system that controls the Wellington dam – Water treatment plant– Reservoir system has been out of service for almost two years.
Instead of the system working automatically, as it should be doing, it was   operated manually to supplement the water supply over peak periods from the supply from the boreholes. We have now been advised R40 000 will be spent in the new financial year to repair the telemetry system.
It has been reported previously that the committee has been in discussion             with the contractors doing the upgrade of the R72 to re-surface the remainder of Dias Road at a cost of R290 000. Unfortunately due to lack of municipal funds this amount could not be met. We will be meeting with the contractor and municipal officials to try and resolve the funding issue this coming week.

Cattle on the roads

This has been a serious traffic hazard for a number of years throughout the Ndlambe municipal area.
As a result of a court order obtained by Agri-Ec the Municipality has instituted procedures to address the problem.
As far as the public is concerned report all stray animals on roads to the Fire & Emergency Services (24 hours per day) at 046 624 1111.
The control room operator will contact the Chief Traffic Officer and Chief Fire Officer whom will take the matter further.    

From the Council Chambers

At the Council meeting held Friday, 30 June 2017, the 2017/18 Budget was approved with the following increases:
– Rates 9 %
– Refuse, sewerage and sanitation 12%
– Water 7%
– Miscellaneous tariffs 5%
Internal capital budget of R3.8m
Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepayers Association