Newsletter March 2018

Kleinemonde Newsletter            March 2018

The refuse site – update

Since December the amount of garden refuse at the site has increased to such an extent –

  • that driving in and out of the site has become a problem; and
  • the ring rod cum firebreak around the perimeter of the refuse site has become inaccessible.

On 5 March 2018 committee members met with the Manager of Environmental Health, and the Manager of Fire & Emergency Service, on site to decide on a method of clearing the refuse site of the garden refuse.

Frik proposed, and it was agreed to, that a 50 m x 50 meter area be cleared, to the left of the refuse site, to allow sections of garden refuse to be moved there by bulldozer, to be burnt. The Manager: Fire & Emergency Services will indicate suitable days when burning can take place.


It is envisaged that 3 days of burning will be needed. Due to the amount of plastic, tyres, and packing materials amongst the garden refuse, casual labour will be needed to separate as much as possible of this debris before burning.

It was further decided that –

  • – as a short term measure – to free up much needed space – a bulldozer must be hired. KRRA to arrange and bear the cost;
  • – the Manager: Fire & Emergency Services to arrange for a licence to do a burn;
  • – the burn will be overseen by Frik van Rooyen (KRRA) who will arrange for water trailers to be on site during the burn.
  • This to be co-ordinated with the Manager: Fire & Emergency Services; and
  • – a burn can only take place with a prevailing wind direction being away from the village.

The demarcated area in red is where the clearing will be done for the controlled burning.

As reported at the AGM and previous newsletters the refuse site is to become a transfer site only – only household refuse placed into skips will be allowed.

The committee is still in discussion with Ndlambe Municipality on an arrangement to allow garden refuse at the site and processed either by way of a chipper or controlled burning.



Diaz Road

Over a period of time we have been in discussion with Murray and Roberts (now Concor) who are doing the R72 upgrade, to surface the reminder of Diaz Road – hopefully at a pensioners price !.

The availability of funds has always been one the biggest stumbling blocks.

The Municipality has received a grant of R1m from the Department of Public Works for road projects, which must be implemented by June 2018.

Great news is that at a Ndlambe Council meeting, held on 26 February 2018, it was approved that R400 000 be allocated to Kleinemonde for the surfacing of Diaz Road.

There is,however, still an issue with storm water drainage in Diaz Road that needs to be addressed.

 Water supply

The water restrictions announced, as a precautionary measure, in December 2017 for the Ndlambe Municipal  Area  is still in force!!

Our water supplies (three sources) are as follows:

  • – Wellington dam – 90% (plus) full as at 14 March 2018.
  • – Road side borehole. Low yielding but operational when needed.
  • – Farm borehole. High yielding. Over December holiday period this borehole’s yield was sufficient to be the sole supply of water to Kleinemonde.

As reported previously the telemetry system controlling the flow of water from Wellington dam to the water treatment plant in Kleinemonde and then to the reservoir has been out of commission for a number of years.

After discussing with a consultant an alternative to the telemetry system, which is expensive and complicated, was implement. As a first step, a float switch was installed at Wellington dam, which saves having to travel to Wellington dam to switch on the pumps when water is required from this source. To use water from Wellington dam now, all that is required is to switch the water treatment plant, situated in Kleinemonde, manually on and off. The next step will be to automate the treatment plant- reservoir section.


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