Newsletter May 2019

Kleinemonde Newsletter             May  2019

Refuse site

Our contract to manage the refuse site for a period of six months, starting October 2018, has been extended until end of June 2019, when it will be up for re-negotiation.

It is pleasing to report that most locals are “buying in” to keep the site neat, but unfortunately there are still isolated instances of illegal dumping taking place, in particular the area reserved only for garden refuse, e.g.

  • Depositing various scrap items together with garden refuse; or
  • Not emptying plastic bags containing garden refuse.

After the Easter weekend/April holiday period, and numeral unsuccessful requests to the Municipality to clear the buildup of household refuse at the site, we decided to employ a contractor to clear the site. After clearing of the site, 19 truckloads of gravel were donated to us by Concor to landscape the area and the access road.

Big thanks to Frik van Rooyen and Vaughan Sellars for the work done in this regard.


Before . . . . . . .

 After . . . . .

PLEASE assist us in keeping the site in the above condition by:

  • Strictly adhering to what is “Allowed” and “Not Allowed” as indicated on the sign board at the entrance to the site;
  • Reminding the contractor doing work for you that rubble needs to be taken to the Port Alfred landfill site.

Dais Road

The paving has been completed. All that remains is to complete the laying of the underground pipes for storm water drainage. This is proving to be a bigger challenge than the actual laying of the brick pavers and work is progressing slowly.

Sand/Dune invasion

Ndlambe Local Municipality has appointed Aurecon South Africa (Pty) Ltd to compile an Environmental Maintenance Management Plan (MMP) for management of sand/dune invasion threatening existing infrastructure along the municipality’s coastal area in the following areas: Kleinemonde, Riet River, Rufani’s River, Port Alfred, Kasouga, Kenton-On-Sea, Bushman’s River Mouth, and Boknes / Cannon Rocks.

The aim of the MMP is to obtain authorisation for the maintenance and replacement of existing infrastructure and services in the identified areas, with specific focus on Sand Dune management.

A public participation meeting regarding the above, attended by 31 locals and chaired by Aurecon, was held in Kleinemonde 17 May 2019.

Click here for the Presentation and Minutes of the meeting.

Working for you

Over the years the Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepayers Association (KRRA), through its involvement and interaction with the Ndlambe Municipality, was directly responsible for amongst other:

  • Surfacing of Dias Road;
  • Building of the retaining wall along the East River bank.
  • Upgrading of the water treatment plant.
  • Connection of a high yielding borehole to supplement our water supply. (This supply has now become our primary source of water).
  • Installation of street lights along the entrance to Kleinemonde.
  • Developing the picnic area along the East River bank.
  • Managing the refuse site.
  • Keeping you informed. Already this year 18 notices were sent out to inform residents on various issues affecting them.

From the above it can be seen that the Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepayers Association (KRRA) is committed to improving Kleinemonde for the benefit of everyone – not only its members.

With municipalities increasingly facing budgetary constraints, it is clear that communities, in years to come, will have to start delving into their own pockets to fund projects. This will require all of us to join and strengthen our local Association.

If not a member yet, please join – membership fee is only R100 per family per annum.

Existing members: Your subscriptions are now due – To those who have already paid, THANK YOU!!


Membership fees can be paid by EFT or with Ruth-Ann at Grandma’s Kitchen.            

            Bank:                         Absa Port Alfred

            Account :                  Kleinemonde R&R Association

            Type:                         Active Savings

            Branch code:          632005

            Account Number: 9281971221

Remember to give your name as reference number when doing an EFT.

Or you may pay cash with Ruth-Ann at Grandma’s Kitchen in the Kleinemonde shopping complex.


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Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepayers Association