Newsletter : November 2021

DUNE INVASION: Car park – Kleinemonde Island

Refer to our June 2021 newsletter, available on our website, for background information.

In response to our request to have the entrance roads to the parking area and portion of the parking area cleared by the municipality under the emergency work programme, the application was turned down by the Department of Environmental Affairs. The municipality must re-submit an application to the Department indicating the proposed method which will be used to clear the area in question.


Due to covid restrictions, municipal workers were reduced to skeleton staff i.e., half of the workforce on one week and the other half the next week, which meant that little maintenance was done.  Now that all staff are back full time, pot-hole filling and bush clearance has resumed and we hope to restore our village to an acceptable, if not pristine level.   Please assist by advising the committee of areas that you feel need repairs or maintenance.

There seems to be a misconception in the community that the ratepayer’s association has control over our local municipal workers.  We can make suggestions, but ultimately have no control over what they do.  Although we have a good relationship with the local municipal works, especially our foreman, and they are amenable to our suggestions, they are not obliged to take orders from us.


We are still experiencing ongoing water supply problems on Island North, either low pressure or no water.  Although this seemed to be under control the last month, we then had five days in a row with consistent problems.  The problem experienced can be attributed to not adhering to the agreed procedure for tankers to take water i.e., one of our local municipal workers must be present, only dam water can be taken and lack of co-ordination between the municipal units involved in collecting water.

A meeting was held with the Municipal Manager and a memo handed to him outlining the above problems. He undertook to discuss the matter with the deputy-director and manager responsible for water services.


We are awaiting full test results from heavy metal tests that we requested to be done a couple of months ago.  To date, only the cadmium level has been supplied and this is well within acceptable limits.

ROAD SAFETY – Kleinemonde Island North

As there are no pedestrian footpaths in this area and vehicles and pedestrians share the road, and to be in line with the rest of Kleinemonde, a request was made, and approved, to have the speed limit in this area reduced from 60 to 40 kph.

Remember:  Kleinemonde is a residential area, not a racetrack!!

New signs to watch out for:




We continue to have cars racing through Kleinemonde while travelling on the R72, with motorists ignoring all the well signposted warning signs – speed signs, no overtaking etc., resulting in several accidents.

As speeding is the main culprit, a permanently installed speed camera will be the ideal solution, but these are not easy to get approval for.


It has been brought to the committee’s attention that the refuse site is being accessed after hours via a back road and “illegal” refuse is being placed in the skips.  Alternative access roads will now be blocked to prevent further abuse of the dump site.

Please adhere to rules posted at the entrance to ensure that our dump is kept in a functioning and well-kept state.

Although the KRRA is presently running the dump site under contract from the municipality, to adhere to supply chain management rules, tenders were again called for to manage the refuse site. We have just been advised that the tender process has been re-called and we will manage the site until the end of June 2022 – end of the financial year.



A recent fire in the village has alerted us to the fact that we are under-prepared at a local level. House fires start small, and the speed to respond is essential. As a result, the ratepayers association will be purchasing 6 x 9kg fire extinguishers which will be distributed to the three security cluster areas: Kleinemonde East, Island, Island North. The security clusters will store and manage the fire extinguishers in their area to ensure quicker access to get a fire under control until help can arrive.

It is important to stress that each household, if possible, should have its own small fire extinguisher (1,5 kg) and a fire blanket at hand as many fires can be extinguished before allowed to get out of control.  Different companies have been approached for quotations on the cost of these smaller units and will be circulated as soon as they are received.


Residents and contractors continue to dump illegally on the sides of the road or vacant stands.  Please be aware that even dumping of garden refuse on adjacent plots to you is illegal and poses a fire risk.  Your co-operation in stopping this practice would be appreciated. Similarly, if you notice anybody dumping illegally, please either approach the individual or take photographic evidence and forward this to the KRRA for follow up.

There is also a concern about workers using the bush for toileting.  Please make sure that you are providing this facility for workers while at your premises. Similarly, please speak to your domestic workers about littering when walking to and from work.


The increased preventative measures put in place by the three security committees (Kleinemonde East, Island, Island North) have helped to keep crime in our area to a minimum, with only one recent report of a break in on the Island and the suspect being arrested.  Please continue to be vigilant and use your alarms even when at home.  Your financial support of the different security committees to expand and maintain the electric fences and camera systems in the areas is much needed. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep our community safe, so report any suspicious activity to the police or Multi Security.


We are hopeful that an AGM will be held in December this year, following covid restrictions that did not allow this to take place last year.  We value everyone’s input and welcome nominations for committee members.  Every year, the same people seem to stay on the committee due to nobody else wanting to commit.  Take an interest in your community and put your name forward or nominate someone who will be prepared to put in hard work for no compensation, but for the betterment of your community.



Thank you to more than 90 members who have paid their annual subscription with several newcomers that have joined.  The annual subscriptions are only R100 per family per annum, so please show your support by paying these.


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