Newsletter Oct 16

Kleinemonde Newsletter
October 2016

Municipal budget

As you may have noticed on your latest municipal account, the rates increase approved by Council for the 2016/2017 financial year is 9%.

Originally the proposed increase was 17 %.

The Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum (NRF), whose constituents are the chairperson’s of the different ratepayers associations in Ndlambe, had a number of meetings with municipal officials regarding the budget on issues such as cost cutting, errors in the draft budget, increase in overtime, use of casuals, etc.

The original 17% was reduced to 13% and after the last arm wrestle between the NRF and municipal officials the Mayor proposed a 9% increase, which was approved by Council.

Effectively the increase is 11% as the 18% rebate on property valuation which we all receive, has been reduced to 16%.

National Treasury has introduced guidelines on various cost cutting measures for municipalities to follow. This will be monitored by the NRF as the budget year progresses.

Dais Road

With all the road building activity taking place on the R72 and all the necessary equipment and material available, an approach has been made to Murray &Roberts to surface (tar) the remainder of Dias Road.

Although sympathetic to our approach, a few challenges remain:

  • Dias Road is still a provincial road and approval will be required from Province for the work to be done;
  • Funding will have to be provided by Ndlambe Municipality as Province does not have funds for new road works;
  • Storm water drainage problems will have to be resolved.

There are Eskom power cables and Telkom cables crossing this section of Dias Road. The actual points of crossing have been identified by us and passed on to M&R.

Ndlambe Municipality realise this is a window of opportunity to be used and hopefully the above challenges can be addressed for the work to be done.

Refuse site

As mentioned in our May newsletter, our refuse site is now a transfer site.

At a meeting with the Director Community Protection Services, we were advised that the site is now closed for all building rubble. Building rubble will need to be taken to the Port Alfred landfill site.

At this stage garden refuse can still be deposited there. The Municipality is looking at two options to handle garden refuse:

  • A contractor to transport garden refuse to the Port Alfred landfill site; or
  • Paying a contractor (e.g. local resident) monthly an amount to organize the chipping of the garden refuse. It will be the contractor’s responsibility to obtain and maintain a chipper.

The first option is not favoured by the Municipality and the impression gained is that serious consideration will not be give to it and they prefer the second option.

A suitable chipper for Kleinemonde, with a 125 mm capacity drum, will cost approximately R70 000. Blades need to be re-profiled after 3 to 4 days of work and can be re-profiled 5-6 times before replacing with new ones.

The committee will investigate the viability of purchasing a chipper and operating it ourselves, depending mainly on the monthly amount the Municipality is willing to pay to deliver such a service. Residents will not be required to pay for any chipping to be done.

The entrance will have a gate which will be locked after hours – a signboard is due to be erected at the entrance with the times the site will be open.

Four marshals have been appointed to keep the area clean and direct users where to deposit refuse. They will be funded as part of a project with grant money received from Government. This project, and the funding for these marshals, will run until March 2017.

Please obey there instructions to keep our refuse site neat and tidy.


Our present financial situation is:

  • Investment account: R61 018
  • Cheque account: R5 668
  • Petty cash: R73

The committee is wary to spend our funds on issues which could be argued is the responsibility of the Municipality. However, again this year, as in the past number of years, funding for capital projects on the municipal budget has been cut to the minimum.

Two issues we are currently engaging with the Municipality on are toilets at the East river picnic site and a chipper – if unsuccessful to secure funds from them, consideration will have to be given to using our funds.

Unfortunately annual subscriptions (R100 per family) has been slow. (Our financial year is from 1 November to 31 October of the subsequent year).

This Association strives to improve Kleinemonde for everyone’s benefit, not just Association members, and has over the years been instrumental in amongst other:

  • Stopping the open burning of refuse at the refuse site;
  • Tarring of the entrance road to Kleinemonde;
  • Provision of street lights at the entrance to Kleinemonde;
  • Equipping a trailer with a pump and water tank for emergency fire fighting;
  • Upgrade of the water treatment plant: value R1.5m;
  • Connecting of a high yielding borehole to Kleinemonde’s water supply;
  • Building of the stabilising wall on the East river bank;
  • Developing the East river picnic area;
  • Surfacing of the first section of Dias Road.

This is an urgent appeal to please pay your subscription!

Bank: Absa Port Alfred

Account : Kleinemonde R&R Association

Type: Active Savings

Branch code: 632005

Account Number: 9281971221

Please use your name as reference

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Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepayers Association

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