Newsletter October 2017


    The Kleinemonde Sports & Recreation Club has been very active in improving the facilities in and around the Kleinemonde Hall. The kitchen and toilet areas have been re-built to allow the kitchen to be expanded to almost double its original size. Two wedding receptions were held in the Hall in October drawing glowing, positive responses from the caterers as the best venue for such functions in Ndlambe.

    The second tennis court is nearing completion and hopefully be ready for use very shortly. At least before Christmas!! A second court has become a necessity especially with the increase in membership and over holiday periods when one court was inadequate for the players wanting to play.

    As funds are still needed to complete the second court, the Tennis section of the Club has been holding fundraising functions any contributions, also from the out-of-towners, would be gratefully accepted. The banking details are: Kleinemonde Recreation & Sports Club, FNB Current Account No. 60340106603 and Branch Code 210917. Please use your name and “Tennis” as reference.

  2. R72 UPDATE……

    The consultants for the upgrade reports as follows:

    • – Changing over to the newly sealed (constructed) sections are planned for end October 2017;
    • – The construction through Kleinemonde (causing the stop-go’s) are progressing according to
      plan and should be completed by middle December 2017;
    • – Completion date for the upgrade (Port Alfred to Fish River) May 2019.

    Please bear in mind these dates are weather dependant !


    A scene we are all familiar with over December and only two portable toilets available.The committee have favoured portable toilets that are equipped with a foot operated pump to flush the toilets. However, these toilets only use a 250 litre drum which may be too small to cope with the December usage and would require regular changing of the drum.The only alternative is a permanent structure consisting of two toilets, covering a total of 4 sq meters feeding a conservancy tank.This structure could conveniently be placed in the area shown in the photo below. No vegetation will need to be removed.

    Before a permanent structure can be erected a Basic Assessment Report (BAR) would have to be submitted to the Department of Environmental Affairs for approval. The time for approval of the BAR is approximately 6 months.

    At a meeting held with the municipal manager and the director community services (29 September 2017) the municipality agreed to:

    • – Fund the cost of the BAR which needs to be done by an Environmental Management Practitioner;
    • – As an interim measure purchase two VIP portable toilets (with a flushing mechanism) for use while
      awaiting approval and erecting of a permanent structure.

    As part of the BAR a public meeting on the proposed building of the toilets will be required.

    Hopefully we can, after this public meeting, visit the BAR at the Community Hall to celebrate the progress of this long outstanding issue !!

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Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepayers Association