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Municipal tabled budget: 2015/2016 Financial year

The tabled budget has been submitted to Council and is now open for public comment before final approval. Copies are at the libraries and on the municipal website: http://www.ndlambe.gov.za/ ( Click: “Budget” / “2015/2016Financail Year).

In the tabled budget the following are a few recommendations:

  • Rates tariff increase 12%;
  • Sewerage, Refuse removal, water usage increase 5.5%.

National Treasury’s guideline to Municipalities is to limit their budget increase to 6% for the 2015/2016 financial year.

Although we realise that certain fixed costs e.g. electricity, fuel, wages are not controlled by the Municipality and are higher than 6%, making Treasury’s guideline difficult to achieve, we are disappointed that for a second year the ratepayer are facing a double digit increase in rates tariff.

Disappointingly we note that again no provision is made for amongst other:

  • Toilet facilities on our East river bank;
  • Completion of Dias road;
  • Slurry sealing of our roads;
  • Despite paying an environmental levy for years, none is being spent in Kleinemonde to address problems at our refuse site.

It is a requirement that before a tabled budget is approved, public meetings must be held to allow for the public to comment/object.

For this purpose a meeting will be held at Kleinemonde Hall, Friday 8 May 2015 at 10H00. These meetings, in the past, have been well attended by Kleinemonder’s, probably the best attended of all areas, resulting in the Mayor remarking that when coming to Kleinemonde he must send the A-team – which includes himself and the directors!

Use this opportunity to voice your comments/objections where you are heard – discussing and complaining amongst yourselves or around the “braai” is not the place!

Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents and Ratepayers Association.
Contact us: seafield.ratepayers@gmail.com