Sand Dune Invasion

Update: Sand/Dune Invasion problems

You are aware that the company Aurecon was appointed by Ndlambe Municipality to develop a maintenance management plan (MMP) to address the sand/dune invasion problems being experienced in Kleinemonde, Port Alfred, Kenton-on-Sea and Cannon Rocks.

In developing this management plan public meetings were held in Kleinemonde to explain the process. The maintenance management plan submitted by Aurecon has now been authorised by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEDEAT).

Important points from the authorisation given are:
1. Only municipal property and infrastructure is covered;   
2. The planting of vegetation or placing of any material on dunes or exposed sand for the purpose of preventing the free movement of sand;
3. The  removal or moving of soil, sand, shells, shell grit, pebbles or rock of more than 5 cubic metres from i) the seashore; or (ii) the littoral active zone.  

Please note: The Environmental Authorisation is not a blanket approval to carry out maintenance or emergency repairs to infrastructure or to undertake any sand moving or removal within the Coastal Zone. Any activities to be undertaken for a specific area e.g. Kleinemonde, are subject to further approval from the Department (DEDEAT) on submission of the relevant method statements; environmental specifications and layout plans.

Download the full authorisation document here.

What is the next step?

In response to an e-mail sent to Aurecon on the next step for us (Kleinemonde) on the way forward, we were advised that Ndlambe Local Municipality (the holder of the environmental authorisation) who must now appoint/designate an Environmental Officer to coordinate and oversee implementation of and adherence to the approved MMP.

They must also establish an Environmental Management Committee (EMC), within 6 months, with quarterly Bilateral meetings between the Ndlambe Local Municipality and DEDEAT as a minimum requirement.

This EMC would serve as a vehicle for discussions around the compilation of specific method statements (for specific areas), which requires approval from DEDEAT before work can commence on site.

The above response from Aurecon was e-mailed to the Director Community Protection Services requesting a meeting again pointing out the dune invasion problems at the parking area and ablution block which will need to be addressed by December.

Financial implication
1. The cost of drawing up the required specific method statement to address our dune invasion problem for submission to DEDEAT.
2. Cost of doing the work. Clarity on the financial implication will only become clear after our meeting with the Director: Community Protection Services.

Issued by the Kleinemonde Ratepayers & Residents Association 
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