Refuse site: Update: 30 March 2018

The area where the controlled burn will be done has been cleared. The next step is to move small sections of garden refuse into that area and then burn it.

Unfortunately, this process is being hampered by users of the site, who dump garden refuse and other garbage (e.g. plastic bottles, old carpets, scrap iron, glass bottles, and packaging material) all mixed up. Before burning can be done this garbage needs to be separated from the garden refuse, as much of this garbage does not burn spontaneously and will continue to smoulder, giving off, in many instances, toxic fumes.

Burning only garden refuse is a “clean burn” – once burnt out only ash remains, nothing left to smoulder.

To illustrate the problem, this pile of garbage was separated from the adjacent pile of garden refuse!!


This is an urgent request to please not dump garbage with your garden refuse.

 Place all garbage on the right hand side, where the skips are, as you enter the site.

 Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents and Ratepayers Assoc.