Water Restrictions

At the Council meeting held Monday 12 December 2016, water restrictions for the whole of the Ndlambe Municipal area were imposed with immediate effect.

Prohibited :

  • The watering of gardens, lawns , flowers beds, paved areas, walls, buildings, washing of vehicles, boats etc. using a:
  1. Garden hosepipes;
  2. Pressure sprayers;
  3. Sprinklers;
  4. Automatic swimming pool filters:

Allowed :

  • The use of re-claimed water or water obtained from sources other than the Municipal water supply;
  • Watering of gardens, lawns, washing of motor vehicles using a hand held container (bucket).

The contravention of the above constitutes a criminal offence.

Water supply situation: Kleinemonde                   13 Dec. 2016

Referring to the imposition of water restrictions in the whole of the Ndlambe Municipal area, our water supply situation is as follows.

Our water is supplied from:

  • Mount Wellington dam (presently approx. 75% full) to the water treatment plant in Kleinemonde;
  • A low yielding bore hole along the R72;
  • A high yielding bore hole on Frik van Rooyen’s farm.

For over a year the telemetry system controlling the pumps at Wellington dam, the treatment plant and reservoir have been out of service. Despite numerous approaches to the Municipality, the upgrade of the telemetry system has only been done now.

Over last year’s Christmas holiday period, we were totally reliant on the borehole from Frik’s farm – which did cope with the demand.

The supply from Wellington dam can be utilised manually at any time to supplement the water supply. This entails having three municipal workers, equipped with cell phones, stationed at the dam, holding reservoir and the treatment plant to manually switch the pumps on and off.

This is not the ideal situation as the treatment plant needs to operate continuously (automatically) for the flocculent and chlorine dozing to work effectively.

At present, for the reason mentioned above, we are relying primarily on water from Frik’s borehole. The concern is that due to excessive watering of gardens, lawns etc. the supply from the borehole may not be sufficient to cope with the demand and keep the reservoir at its full level.

However, in an emergency the water can be used from Wellington dam operating the pumps manually to supplement the borehole water.

Cannon Rocks and Alexandria are facing challenges with supply meeting demand. But for the rest of Ndlambe the restrictions are mainly pre-cautionary.

It was also a Council decision that the water restrictions apply to the whole of Ndlambe – not just certain areas.

Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepayers Assoc.   

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