Water situation: December 2019

Water situation: December 2019

The drought in Ndlambe, and its effects on water supply levels, has become a crisis in some areas.
Port Alfred’s Sarel Hayward dam level has dropped to below 10 %. This dam is solely dependent on water being fed from the Kowie River, but this supply has now dried up.

To conserve water in Port Alfred the following actions have been introduced:
• Water pressure will be reduced or cut for certain periods;
• Drought water usage tariff has been introduced.

The drought water usage tariff is applicable to all areas in Ndlambe – including Kleinemonde.

Usage: Normal
Price per Kl
(Vat Incl)
Price per Kl
(VAT Incl)
Increase %
0-10 Kl R14.28 R22.08 54%
11-15 K R14.96 R24.99 67%
16-20 Kl R17.80 R28.48 60%
21+ R22.24 R34.17 53%

Water to Kleinemonde is supplied from:

• Wellington dam (approximately 90% full) to the filtration plant in Island Beach North. Despite the dam being full, supply from this source is limited by the 75 mm water pipe from the dam to the filtration plant and design of the filtration plant.
• A low yielding borehole along the R72;
• A high yielding borehole on Frik van Rooyen’s farm.

Both boreholes are producing water, but the effect of the drought on the water levels of the boreholes cannot be determined.

Water restrictions: Kleinemonde.

As you are aware water restrictions are in place prohibiting the connecting of a garden hose pipe or sprinkler system to the Municipal water supply for gardening or any other purpose.

Contravention of the above is a punishable offence.

Due to the uncertainty of the water levels in our boreholes, we urge you to – in addition to the above restrictions – use water sparingly and conserve water.

Please consider:

• Although at present the use of a bucket to obtain water from the Municipal supply is allowed for washing vehicles, watering, etc. we urge you to refrain from doing so;
• Where possible, cut down on the use of automatic laundry washing machines – they use a lot of water;
• When taking a shower, turn the water off while lathering yourself;
• Toilets:
– When its yellow let it mellow
– When its brown flush it down!!

 Remember there will be a hefty increase in your water consumption bill!

Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents and Ratepayers Association