Water Supply December 2020

Water supply : Kleinemonde : December 2020

  1. Kleinemonde water sources

Just to re-cap – Kleinemonde has three sources of water:

  • Wellington dam feeding the water treatment plant in Kleinemonde;
  • A low yielding roadside borehole next to the R72; and
  •  A high yielding borehole on Frik van Rooyen’s farm.

Last month the company, Industrial Controls from East London, refurbished the water treatment plant to insure it is in proper working condition. Three of our local municipal staff were re-trained to ensure they are au fait with the working of the plant. The telemetry system to control the water treatment plant and the reservoir is still not operational. This is not critical as the plant can be controlled manually when needed.

Both the boreholes are operational.

With the three sources available it is not anticipated that there will be a water supply shortage.

  • Water restrictions

Water restrictions are still in place for the whole of the Ndlambe Local Municipality area – including Kleinemonde.

The use of a garden hosepipe connected to the municipal water supply in order to obtain water is thereby prohibited. The only exception while be in the event of a fire.

Although Kleinemonde, on the face of it, has a good supply of water, we do not know how long the drought will still last. Presently Wellington dam is reported to be at full capacity, but a few years ago during a drought the level dropped to about 30%. Bearing in mind that when the dam level drops too much, due to sediment at the lower levels, the water becomes un-usable – even boreholes are known to eventually run dry.

Therefore, let’s adhere to the water restrictions and protect our water sources and save water while there is still water to be saved.

  • Spare a thought . . . . . . . .

Our thoughts are with the Port Alfred residents where, as you are aware, the water supply to Port Alfred has reached day zero with the level of the Sarel Hayward dam having dropped to below were water can be extracted.

Issued by:

The Kleinemonde Ratepayers & Residents Association