Water Supply

Water supply:Kleinemonde: December 2017-12-13

Referring to the water restrictions imposed in the entire Ndlambe Municipal area, as far as Kleinemonde is concerned, this is mainly precautionary.

Water to Kleinemonde is supplied from the following sources:

  • Wellington dam
  • High yielding borehole on Frik van Rooyen’s farm;
  • Low yielding borehole along the R72.

Supplies from the above  sources are capable of satisfying the usual increase in demand for household consumption over December. Therefore, unless there is an unforeseen problem i.e. breaks in the main pipeline, electrical problems, we do not envisage any water supply problems.

Why do we need water restrictions then?

Over December when most houses are occupied the unrestricted use of  hosepipes connected to the municipal water supply could result in the supply not being able to meet the demand, for household and garden use, to keep the reservoir at full capacity.

It is therefore in your own interest to obey the water restrictions to ensure our household supply of water will be sufficient.


Issued by the Kleinemonde Residents & Ratepayers Assoc.